AM2R 1.1 Download – Free Metroid Game For PC / Mac / Android

In this article, I will show you how to get AM2R 1.1 download for PC, Mac or Android.
Let me explain first What is AM2R?

AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) is a popular Nintendo game developed by Argentinian programmer Milton Guasti under the pseudonym DoctorM64, and released in August 2016 for Microsoft Windows. The game gained large popularity on the NES and Game boy. Some other consoles in Japan also ported this game for their players to enjoy. Popular remakes include Federation Force, Return of Samus, Zero Mission, and Super Metroid.
How To Download and Play AM2R For PC / Mac / Android
In order to play this beautiful video game on PC, please download AM2R 1.1, which is a clone of Nintendo’s Metroid, and play AM2R on your Mac OS or Windows PC.
Step 1. To begin, download AM2R 1.1 for Windows from this link. You can save them where you wish on your PC.
Step 2. Get the AM2R file you downloaded, put all those files into your AM2R folder.
Step 3. Double-click “AM2R.exe” to play the game.
Key Features of AM2R 1.1 Download
  • Zero Mission style.
  • Map system lets easy exploration of the game world.
  • Minibosses are cool.
  • New areas keep you motivated to play the game.
  • Fights give more feeling of excitement throughout the game.
  • Updated and new enemies gives more excitement.
  • Stackable beam systems.
  • Newly created enemies and Metroid sprites.
  • Amazing sound quality and some awesome tracks that will immerse you in the game.

The game contains high-quality graphics that provide amazing gaming experience to the players. It performs really well on Windows PC. Backgrounds, bosses, ships, enemies, and other game elements are designed to give a rich gaming experience for Metroid users.

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VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Download and Play AM2R on PC:

If you check the download link broken then comment down the tutorial. We will update the new link ASAP.

Hope something helps you.

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